The best way to get shoulders and legs (and of course, core for balance!) in one exercise!

For this move, you will need two light to medium weights, probably 3-8 lbs.

Start with feet a little wider than hip width, and sink back into a low squat, as though about to sit in a chair.  Your knees should stay behind your toes, abs stay tucked in, and chest stays lifted as you go down.


Come back up from the squat and bring the right foot up and straight back behind your right hip, landing softly on the ball of your foot and sinking down into a lunge, with both knees at 90 degree angles, making one rep.


Repeat the squat and lunge on the right side 5-15 times (as many as you can between those numbers) adding on a military (overhead) shoulder press every time you come up from the lunge and the squat, ie., two shoulder presses for each rep.


Switch sides, and repeat the same amount of reps on that side.