Not Your Nana’s Tres Leches Cake

Not Your Nana’s Tres Leches Cake

Much like schnitzel-eating, bull-riding, and caber-tossing, tres leches cake-baking is not a tradition that my family has ever held. 

However, once I was introduced to the concept of the delicious, drenched, sweet cake, I was hooked!  It is almost like what you get when you top a cake with ice cream, and let the ice cream melt into it for a bit.  It’s just too tasty!

But, as I do with all good recipes, I had to tweak it and make it my own.  And add chocolate, of course, because tomorrow is National Chocolate Day!

That’s why this is not your Nana’s tres leches cake – albeit with the highest respect to all Nanas out there with their awesome, traditional, tres leches recipes.

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