Matcha Green Tea Power Balls

Matcha Green Tea Power Balls

Let me just start off by saying that matcha green tea is one of God’s great gifts to humans.  As humans, we tend to be imperfect and, as a result, reliant on what resources we are given to thrive.  In our imperfection, though, we often seek out the stuff that provides us with instant gratification rather than long-term vitality.

(And, yes, I say this as I am eating cheese-flavored popcorn.  I’m just a weak human?)

But, in some cases, we can get that instant gratification (think caffeine boost) with benefits that can help clean up our act, health-wise (think antioxidants).

So before you write off matcha green tea as coffee’s less exquisitely caffeinated substitute – you’d never do that anyway, right? – let me give you a little 5-point profile of my latest fave, the powerful matcha...

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