Mashed Butternut Sweet Potatoes

Mashed Butternut Sweet Potatoes

Are you back for more?

More, as in more recipes, or more, as in more talk about my experience with pre-bikini competition diet/exercise?  It don't matter, we got both here.

First off - if you want the former, this Mashed Butternut Sweet Potatoes recipe is juuust right for your comfort-food eating pleasure.  And I don't say that about just anything!  Sweet potatoes are simply quintessential fall food, no matter what, but when you mash them up all creamy-like, they can be downright irresistable.

Still, I imagine that at some point, you have been to a holiday dinner that served lovely, decadent, sweet potatoes, but you either knew better than to indulge too much (not my guess) or you wound up wishing you had passed on second helpings of the (clearly) butter and sugar-laden dish!  Or, possibly, you personally witnessed Paula Deen herself come into your Grandmother's kitchen and shush you while she poured an extra stick of melted butter and a cup of brown sugar into the sweet potato casserole.  And.  You still ate a bowlful without regret.


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