Thai Noodle Bowl with Carrot Sauce

Thai Noodle Bowl with Carrot Sauce

First of all, I love Asian food.  Well, at least I think I do.

I’ve never actually been to anywhere in Asia.  The closest I’ve been is Greece… and they primarily serve Greek food there.  But I do love the Asian food I’ve had here in the US – whatever that counts for – and I think it’s pretty dang good.

I’m a fan of all the different spices, sweet, sour, umami flavors going on.  It’s the sauces, the broths, the way meat or tofu goes with various noodles or rice, and all those fun vegetables! 

We could definitely sit and discuss the awesomeness that encompasses Asian food for a while.  I’d tell you about my thing for raw fish (my mom says I’m like a bear,) and you could tell me how a real Japanese dashi is made… it would be great.  But, alas, I’ll have to save the in-depth discussion for the comments.

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