Good-For-You Gummies

 Good-For-You Gummies

I I I I work out!

But seriously, guys, this is just getting ridiculous.

The LMFAO duo might get their workouts in by roller blading and gyrating, but most of the time, my workouts have me wanting to scream instead of sing.  Okay, it's not really all that bad, but the pressure to do awesome things in the gym has gone up by a factor of, like, craziness.

I am now 7 weeks out from the time I'm supposed to be stage-ready.  Based on my current body fat measurements, this leaves me with 7 weeks to drop about 4% body fat.  Of course, I still have to try to hang on to the muscle I've worked so hard to get, too.  

Can I just ask - Is that even possible?  Maybe I don't even want to know.  In any case, gymming has increased in intensity, with a smidge more high intensity cardio than I was doing (most of which are classes that I'm actually teaching), and dieting has become a bit more rigid.

Luckily, I'm still feeling like I'm fairly on track, or at least making the changes that I need to at this point.  The jiggly areas do appear to be getting less jiggly...


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