Powered Up Breakfast Frittata

Powered Up Breakfast Frittata

Eggs.  Nature's perfect prepackaged food.  Protein, healthy fat, vitamins, antioxidants + minerals we need, all wrapped up in a tiny 70-calorie container.

Eggs are so great, that in the last 300 million years or so since they were invented, the best  food to come out has been sliced bread.  And that's only because "the best thing since sliced bread" is a good bit more fun to say than "the best thing since eggs."  Don't dispute me on this - this statement is illogically indisputable, and you will become confused and frustrated if you try.

Yep.  I'm sure we're all in agreement that eggs are a good thing.  

I mean, let's face it - they keep us full longer than toast, they've got the protein we need to get buff (or whatever), and they're perfect as a vehicle for all kinds of other healthy things!


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