Peach Cobbler for Breakfast

Peach Cobbler for Breakfast

Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts, and blueberry bagels with butter and cinnamon sugar.  Those were three of my favorite breakfasts as a child.  See what these things have in common?  I might have had a wee bit of a sweet tooth first thing in the morning.

Well, okay, I still do.   But these days, I try to be a little more of a “grown-up” about meals – even though it’s pretty well known that I’m just a kid at heart!  I usually aim to eat foods that have more bang for my buck… or nutrients for my calories… now that I know that the value of a food does not, in fact, lie only in its level of tastiness.

Yet, where would we be without tastiness?  That’s like saying “we can do without frivolous things like happiness.” No!  That’s why tastiness is as important as healthiness on my blog.  We just gotta find the right balance.

This brings me to peach cobbler.  Fruit plus a crumbly topping makes a delicious dessert.  Sounds tasty, and it even has healthy peaches in it.  Kinda like breakfast ingredients… so why don’t we eat it for breakfast?  Hmm, maybe it’s a little too much like a kid breakfast. 

Maybe that’s why.  It’s got all that sugary stuff mixed with the peaches.  And what’s even in the crumble on top?  White flour?  Butter??  Might as well make for that bagel…

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