Chicken and Red Cabbage Salad

Chicken and Red Cabbage Salad

Happy Monday!

No, I am not being sarcastic.  It’s true I’ve never been the biggest fan of Mondays.  I’m actually more of a Tuesday person.  But it IS a happy Monday, because I had a really great weekend. 

Still not following?  Well, think about it.  When you have a really great weekend – and by really great weekend I mean spending lots of time with friends and possibly indulging in a wee cheat meal or two – Mondays are always going to be there for you.  And by there for you, I mean to whip you into shape.

Mondays are the no-nonsense, power-suit, tight hair-bunned day if there ever was one.  Mondays would be called Helga.  Helga does not accept sloppiness.  You will tell Helga you’re ready to come back to reality and do better this time and continue to improve. 

Stop me if I carry this analogy too far…

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