Fig Walnut Coffee Cake {Giveaway!}

Fig Walnut Coffee Cake {Giveaway!}

Check it out - Giveaway inside!

There are really zero excuses for not making coffee cake for a Sunday morning treat.  None. 

Especially when you consider that this version of my delectable Fig-Walnut Coffee Cake is pretty dang good for you.  With all the extra protein, top-notch ingredients, and its superhero-like power to work with most dietary needs, you basically just have to make it.

You’ve been using your willpower all week long, right?  Avoiding the doughnuts at work or the cookies your kids eat at home and making sure you eat your veggies and drinking water instead of something else – of course you could be all will-powered out by now.  But if you have to give in, you don’t also have to feel guilty about it!

That’s why I put together this cake recipe.  So you could have it, and eat it, too! 

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