The Wild Doughnut

The Wild Doughnut

Roight, mates, it’s time to go out and find ourselves the rare wild doughnut.  This one’s a wily bugger that only comes out for special parties, but we are gonna catch ourselves one today.  Keep your eyes open and forks at the ready!

Crikey, there’s a big one now!

Well!  Glad that worked. Sometimes you have to channel crocodile hunter to catch elusive beasties. 

Anyway… I’m not a weirdo or anything… but I’d go to great lengths to get my hands on a healthy doughnut.

Healthy doughnuts are like ligers.  Not found most places you look, but the combination of powerful parents has made them even buffer babies.  Or as Napoleon Dynamite would say… “bred for their skills in magic.”  Have I lost you yet?  What I’m trying to say is, with the banana, apple sauce, cocoa powder, and whole wheat… more delicious/nutritious doughnuts than this are on the seriously endangered list.

More fabulous looking ones are pretty hard to come by, too.  These little devils are dressed to impress, and are always total rock stars at parties.  And, as luck would have it… they also happen to be doughnuts. Which means they can be rock stars at brunch, too.  

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