Frozen Lemon Bars

Frozen Lemon Bars

Right now, all I can think about is how long I have until I can eat this frozen lemon bar. 

It’s a little square of wonderful, all tart and creamy and delicious, but it’s just slightly too frozen to eat at the moment.  It’s sitting in a bowl on my porch warming up.  I set a timer for ten minutes, but of course I won’t forget about it… I’ve been checking every two.

Anyway, can you see my dilemma?  I’m sitting here, trying to write about these lemon bars, hoping to be inspired by eating one… and instead I’m being distracted by just thinking about eating one.

Anything with lemon, together with a little coconut and banana, couldn’t be more perfect for a summertime dessert, but when it’s also frozen… that’s on a whole new level. 

In this recipe, the coconut flour crust comes out almost like a graham cracker crust.  It’s just slightly sweet and crumbly, which I think is pretty great with a creamy textured filling.  The lemon filling has a really awesome lemonade-like flavor, and I’m definitely into that right about now.  Even though the base is mainly bananas and coconut oil, those flavors seem to enhance the lemon flavor rather than dominate it.  

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