Low Carb Super-Crackers

Low Carb Super-Crackers

Sometimes, when you're trying to watch your diet, there's this thing that happens.  You want whatever you can't have.  Ever experience that?

I have a feeling I'm not alone in this.  

The funny thing is, even though I decided not to have any sugar or any grains, there weren't really any crazy-major cravings and definitely no caving for the stuff I cut out.  Still, it hasn't exactly been easy, either.

Example.  Every time I reached into one particular cabinet, I'd see my favorite crackers, Triscuit Thin Crisps, sitting there taunting me.  And I'd successfully ignore them.  And then I'd often watch Steve come along proceed to eat them.   And they would sound crunchy, and salty, and tasty.  And I'd eat my spinach or whatever, not saying a word, because my diet restrictions are self-imposed, and I can deal.  

But no, you couldn't say it's been completely easy.


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