Mini Churro Cupcakes

Mini Churro Cupcakes

Great things come in many sizes.  The Great Wall of China, for example, is super-duper large, while the key to a penthouse suite is a speck in comparison.

Not all great things are alike, of course, but the fact that we perceive something as great is what’s important.  Don’t you think?  I can’t compare food to the Great Wall of China, but then again, you can’t eat the Great Wall of China.

Really, what I’m trying to say is that these teeny little cupcakes, after a few trial-and-errors, have finally come to be something totally great in my world!  They’re just SO fluffy and cinnamon-y.

When I was developing the recipe for these, I was inspired by a friend of mine at this fantastic little sandwich cafe called Latin it Up (here in Tucson,) to try to make a Latin-ish dessert.  I’m not Latina, and I’ve never made flan, but I love churros!  Anything cinnamon is just the best.

Since churros are typically fried, I wanted to create something a little more in line with my healthy cooking tendencies.  Hence, baked churro cupcakes!

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