Blackberry Cheesecake-Topped Sweet Potato Cakes

Blackberry Cheesecake-Topped Sweet Potato Cakes

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Chances are, you haven’t tried sweet potatoes and blackberries together.  So chances are, you just haven’t lived.

Sure, that could be a slight overstatement, but with everything going on in this one little dessert I feel it’s totally acceptable if I err on the dramatic side.

For one thing, this combination of flavors is a wonderous, yet unnecessarily rare occurrence.  By the time spring rolls around, we’ve all but forgotten about sweet potatoes altogether, as healthy and tasty as they are.  They never so much as share a crisper drawer with a fresh blackberry.  Conversely, in late fall, there isn’t a fresh berry in sight, so we decide it must, therefore, be impossible to eat one. 

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