Brussels Sprout + Grapefruit Slaw

Brussels Sprout + Grapefruit Slaw

AaaAaaaand I’m back! 

What?  You didn’t know I’d gone anywhere?  Pffftt! 

Well, actually, I wouldn’t be surprised, especially if you’re not reading this directly after my date of posting, and it’s quite possible you were just searching for something else to do with Brussels sprouts. Oh, the things you can do with Brussels sprouts!

Although, if you WERE hanging on the edge of your seat for the last month, saying, where has that girl gone?  What happened to her New Year’s resolution to post TWICE a week?  Then, to you, I say I’m terribly sorry, I HAVE missed you, let’s never part again! 

I know I fell off the writing train a bit, but during that time I have been thinking about you all and some new components for the blog.  I’ve got some plans and some fun surprises in store.  Sneak peek: It’s going to include a series of SERIOUS(ly delectable) clean eats, and finally, some workout tips and plans that go way beyond what I’ve done already.  And something else.  (Just so you know, I’m stifling a squeal.)

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