Melissa Miles - You Can be a Fit Mom!

Melissa Miles - You Can be a Fit Mom! |

Last week, my friend Lucy shared her story about turning her life around and becoming fit, healthy, and confident!  She did it all in a fairly short amount of time, through sheer perseverance and dedication to herself despite many obstacles - and she had some amazing advice to share!  You should also go check out her inspiring transformation photos!

This week, I have my friend Melissa Miles of Milestone Health & Fitness here, as both a fitness professional and a mom of two little boys, to share some of her excellent tips to stay fit and healthy! 

Melissa Miles - You Can be a Fit Mom!

Moms, raise your hand if you feel like it’s impossible to fit in a workout with your kids around?  If you are like most moms, your days are jam packed from morning until the time you fall into bed at night.  We have the most demanding job on the planet, but we need to remember to take time for ourselves if we want to continue to be there for our family.  Plus, if you want your children to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to lead by example. They watch every little thing you do and it will carry with them throughout life.

Here are my top 3 Tips fitting in a workout with kids.

Melissa Miles - You Can be a Fit Mom! |

1.  Do What You Can.  

If you are doing a workout at home, be realistic.  You may or may not get the whole workout in before your child demands something from you.  But you know what?  A 5-minute workout is better than none.  And if you have to break that 30 minute workout into smaller chunks to deal with your kids, then that’s what you have to do!  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  Just do what you can and be proud of what you did.

2.  Let your kids join in!  

If you continue to do your workout daily, your kids will take notice. They also adjust to the fact that you are doing a workout and will learn to just let you do it.  And over time, they may surprise you by wanting to join you!  Especially younger children.  As babies, both my boys loved to sit in the bouncer and watch me but were more mesmerized by the music.  At 2 & 4, they now roll out the yoga mat, do jumping jacks and when I do yoga, they crawl over and under me.  Do I miss a few reps?  Yup.  And it’s worth it when I hear a little giggle, get an upside-down kiss or just see them learning to love fitness… a trait I hope they carry with them through life. 

Melissa Miles - You Can be a Fit Mom! |

3. Do something physical as a family.  

Go for a hike.  Ride bikes.  Walk the dog.  Play kickball.  Find an activity that gets you all moving.  None of you will feel like you are working out and you’ll be giving your kids precious family time.  Need some ideas? Check out for some great ideas as well as ways to make fitness a contest in your house!

Remember, your children should be your reason to exercise… not your excuse not to.  Lead by example and watch them grown into healthy, happy individuals! 

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