Mother’s Day Recipe Roundup

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Dear Mom,

I think that even though you deserve thanks and appreciation every day, Mother’s Day is one day to make extra sure you hear it.  So this is a letter from me to you, letting you know how much you really mean to me.  Hopefully the fact that everyone else on the internet can read it, too, makes you proud for having such a thoroughly unashamed daughter.  Or maybe you’ll at least laugh a little.

I’d like to start by thanking you for putting up with me.  All good daughters must realize that, at some point or another, they have had to be put up with.  For me, that point was the span of time between birth and leaving the house.  Probably longer than that. 

But even though making me go to sleep has never been easy; I’ve made the decision to move out on my own and live from a knapsack many times as a child (even though that usually only lasted an hour); my cooking “experiments” often resulted in messes left mostly to you; and my inexperienced opinion was often the only one I cared to hear, you graciously and unselfishly loved me as only a truly wonderful person could.  This is underscored by the fact that I was never once placed on the doorstep of an orphanage.

I’d also like to thank you for being such a good role model.  Besides showing me patience, as I have described above, you have always displayed generosity, great work ethics, and healthy habits.

When you really wanted to pick weeds from the yard at church (it was just not right to leave church with them looking like that,) I complained bitterly about being made to sit in the heat and wait for you.  So you bargained to let me drive around the parking lot for the first time if you could just pick a few more.  I thought it seemed like a lose-lose situation for you at the time, but I realize now that that was just an example of you being a both generous and hard working person.  And the hard work was actually maintaining your cool with me driving – not the weeding.

The fact that you loved to do Paula Abdul and Gilad workout videos has been an inspiration for me, health wise.  You would pop in the same VHS tapes time and again - not losing your motivation and deciding to eat a snack instead - even while it slowly rewound itself.  Sometimes I even got to join you and take up some of your jumping room, which makes you a very generous person indeed.

And now that I’m an adult, you still continue to be a fantastic mother.  Even though you’re my mom, and you don’t really have to, you listen to me.  Because you know that sometimes all I need is someone to listen to me give advice on whatever my current health obsession is.  You’ve even used some of my recipes, which is the ultimate compliment.

So, once again, I really have to say thank you.  You are an amazing and wonderful inspiration!  I see you light up lives all around you, all the time, and I hope to always become more like you.

All the love ever,


P.S. I thought you (and maybe a few other people) would like some of these recipes.  Also, if you pick one out, I will make it for you!  You, as in Mom… not all my other friends.  Maybe later, other friends.





Chocolate Banana Waffles (dairy-free)