FitCakes Awesome List #3

FitCakes Awesome List #3 |

There is a lot to be grateful for today.  For one thing, it’s Saturday.  Saturdays can be pretty exciting, considering many of us have been waiting all week for a Saturday.

[P.S – read through to find a hint about something exciting coming up for you!]

But lately, I’ve been getting all worked up and excited about, well – lots of things.  I began the morning unsure about what I was going to share with you today, as I thought through the plethora of things I have to share.

That’s when I realized that, obviously, it was high time for another FitCakes Awesome List! 

Oh, but first.  The one thing that’s still not too awesome is my skill at putting my hair in a sock bun.  Remember last year, when I started my Big Announcement YouTube video with my ineptitude at a sock bun?  Well, today, I tried it again for the first time since then.  I found out that a longer sock was essential… so that’s what I have dangling in my hair at the moment.  After trying for three or four times to make it happen, I just gave up.  I didn’t even feel like making the effort to do something else with it, so it’s still there.  Still, I’m grateful for the fact that, if I want to, I can go look up a how-to video on YouTube.  I’ll get there.  It’ll happen.

I’m sure you are feeling glad I shared my Not-Too-Awesome List with you as well, but now it’s officially time for all the greatest things today.


Yesterday, May 15, was National Hummus Day.  Hummus, as one of the world’s greatest inventions, is a pretty amazing and versatile food/condiment that makes most things better.  Consider the sandwich!  Spread that hummus, or the h-sauce as we hummus-lovers call it, all over a slice of bread or pita before making it into a sandwich.  1000 times better! (By the way, we do not call it h-sauce.  But if you want to call it that with me, we can make it a thing.)  Also, as a dip for carrots or mixed into a salad or eaten off the end of a spoon… it’s basically always awesome.

Here’s a couple recipes I personally love to make:

Black and Tan Hummus

Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It was also National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which is really important and very exciting.  Not that we need excuses to eat chocolate chip cookies, of course, but when a weekend coincides with a day given to reminding us about them and offering us recipes… well then we have chocolate chip cookies for the weekend! 

Remember though:  Please eat cookies responsibly.  Too many in one Saturday afternoon – yes, even on a weekend – can cause increased waist size.  Enjoy these recipes, but try to share.

Fancy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

KIND Bars. 

I love KIND bars!  They have protein bars, grain bars, nut bars, and allll different flavors.  (Nope, they didn't pay me to say this!)

It’s not that I just realized this today, or anything, but I actually had no idea about their new Nuts & Spices bars until this week.  I think they’re all delicious, but the Chili Chocolate Almond really caught my attention.  I’m not usually a fan of spices in my chocolate, you know?  But the chili waits to come out until the end, and I think that makes a big difference.  Not sure why, but it works! 

P.S. On Monday, I have a recipe for you with the Chili Chocolate Almond bars… PLUS a very appropriate giveaway that you’ll ALL love! Check back with me on Monday… OR, to be sure not to miss this or future giveaways, just subscribe to my e-community.  (You’ll gain access to my free workout plan, videos, e-books, and the like!)

Wine and festivals.  And wine festivals.

What can I say?  I love local festivals.  Whenever I attend one, I feel so much more connected to my community, and often the environment, too.  Recently, I went to the spring Viva la Local Heirloom Farmers Market festival, where I got to talk to local business owners – as in, the people who started their shops/restaurants/crafts from the ground up.  I tried local food, found local produce, listened to local bands… stop me when I’ve said “local” too many times.

2014 November Viva la Local Festival |

2014 November Viva la Local Festival |

Oh, wait, is that now?  Well, okay, so you know I love these festivals.  But last weekend and this weekend, there have been festivals combining my love of wine and food and local stuff! 

2015 AZ Hops and Vines Festival |

2015 AZ Hops and Vines Festival |

Arizona wines are starting to take off and vintners are getting serious about what’s in their bottles – and that makes me pretty excited!  I’ll take some pictures from today’s event to share with you on Monday!

Hot Salads. 

Hot salad with stir fried veggies, chicken sausage, and egg whites!  Awesome, healthy meal from

Hot salads are totally a THING.  Or, at least, they should be!  If you’ve not yet made a hot salad, I think you’re missing out.  So this is how it works – basically all the ingredients you’d put in a regular salad, you stir-fry instead. 

Hot salad with stir fried veggies, chicken sausage, and spinach!  Awesome, healthy meal from

For the one I made, here, I had already prepped some roasted red peppers and carrots and parsnips – but you could saute those, too, first.  Then, I added chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, chopped chicken sauces, and turkey slices.  No oil needed but a bit of cooking spray.  Finally, I wilted the spinach and greens over the top.  Onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, ground turmeric, and a pinch of salt finished it off.  Easy, but super delicious!  It’s just right for when I want a hot meal, but a really healthy, vegetable-filled one!