May Asparagus Recipe Roundup

May Asparagus Recipe Roundup |

Did you know:  Asparagus is technically a type of grass? 

Yep.  It’s an extremely delicious, edible, versatile type of grass.  A wonder-grass, if you will.  And this month, May, is officially Asparagus month!

Anyway, because I so love this deliciously edible embodiment of spring, I have developed a few different recipes that capture its flavor the best!  I also have a couple recipes brought to you by blogger friends of mine for you as well.

But first.  My everyday favorite recipe.

Roast asparagus for 10-13 minutes at 400 degrees F. on a pan – bottom ends trimmed, drizzled with a little olive oil, covered in garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.  Top with lemon juice or add nuts if you like.  It’s so beautiful in its simplicity! 

But if you want something a little different, please - read on!


























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