My Awesome List: Fitness Edition

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I might be twitching.  Probably from excitement… but also maybe from that last cup of coffee.

It’s time for another Weekly Awesome List!

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Because it’s Friday, and happy hours and parties are calling our names left and right, I thought the Weekend Warrior in you could use a shout-out.  (I figure the cocktail-drinking couch potato in us has an unfair advantage, anyway, no?) 

Well I’m right there with you.  I know the struggle is real.

First off, let me say that I’ve already booked up my weekend, and I’m prepared for it to be an interesting (and awesome) mesh of events.  If you remember the post where I was singing praises about last year’s fall food fest – Viva la Local in Tucson – that’s where I’m going to be tomorrow.  Local food trucks galore, farmer’s market shopping like crazy, live bands all day, aaaand AZ wine and beer.  *twitch*

Pictures from the Viva la Local Festival in Tucson, fall 2014

Pictures from the Viva la Local Festival in Tucson, fall 2014

As if to keep my life perfectly balanced, my food-geek outing is going to be immediately followed by me teaching an exercise and nutrition class to some families with the Grow 2B Fit Organization’s Recipe for a Healthy Family program.  Like… I get to actually teach people.  Things that I know.  I find this extraordinary.  (When did I become an adult that knows things?)

Of course, this weekend extravaganza does not stop there. 

I top it off on Sunday by teaching early morning Zumba at LA Fitness – just to get things off to an excellent start – and then plan to do one of two food-related events.  One is a wine-tasting event in Elgin, Arizona… with 20 different wineries.  I *might* possibly be too excited about this idea.  But… if you can believe it, I’d be just about as excited to stay home and spend the entire day baking.  Because, you know, there is just never enough time for devising and testing new recipes!

Guys, this weekend is my life’s dream right here.  Foodie and fitness events back-to-back-to-back.  Can this just be my life now? 

Anyway.  Enough about me!  Tell me about you.  What are you doing this weekend?  How are you finding balance?  Can we discuss this? 

Read through these fitness highlights of mine.  Check them the heck out.  Comment below and let’s get motivated, already!

FitCakes Highlight:

Multitasking.  It’s not just for folding the laundry while watching Friends, anymore.  I train clients and boot camps using moves like this – when you want to really rev your metabolism, get in a little strength and cardio in one go.  This is especially effective for those crunched-for-time kinda days!

Fitness Highlight: Greatist Home Quickie-Workout

One can never have too many Do-It-At-Home workouts!  Well, heck, we aren’t always going to make it all the way to the gym – but that’s no reason not to jump ahead in your fitness goals.  I found this workout (and lots just like it) on  Because, well… it’s the Greatist!

Motivational Highlight: Milestone Health and Fitness

Melissa Miles - Milestone Fitness

Melissa Miles - Milestone Fitness

Speaking of fitness, my friend Melissa Miles of Milestone Health and Fitness, is a real motivational force in all things health and fitness. 

She teaches tons of fitness classes, online boot camps, and – on top of everything – is one of the most motivational people I’ve seen on social media. 

As someone who follows her Instagram and Facebook accounts, I love the tips, quotes and especially fitness ideas she shares.  She totally goes the extra mile to get you wanting to work for your goals!  (See what I did, there?)

Lifestyle Highlight: The Case for Ditching the Scale

If you don’t get my weekly newsletter yet, you may not have seen my little feature of this fitness blog – but I’d hate for you to miss it!  I’ve been reading this blog, taking notes on how to be a future Fit-Mama someday.  And, whether you have kids or not, Hollie’s tips for a fit lifestyle are great!  Hey.  She knows what it means to be busy.  But taking care of you is still important!

Here’s a great article of hers to check out.

Foodie Highlight: The Feed

(a carefully-chosen affiliate post)

The Feed is an awesome site if you’re a fit-foodie.  I came across this while I was looking for healthy, ready-to-eat food that I could take on vacation or camping trips.   What’s really cool is that they will send you boxes of snacks based on your athletic/ nutritional/ dietary needs – as if you had a personal shopper or coach to give you snack ideas.  They even offer lots of pro advice on healthy eating on their site!

Anyhow, once I started reading more about them online, I was so excited, I decided to join their affiliate program to share this with others, myself.  And you can bet I don’t share things with you that I’m not a fan of, too!  Plus, if you end up buying anything from them through my links, you help support this blog (and you get some yummy stuff!)