Beet of My Heart Brownies

Hi, friends!  I shared a recipe with a fun blog yesterday,, where Ty Watson does a whole variety of family-kids-fun-stuff posts.  Of course I wouldn’t leave you out of the loop, so I’ll give you the sneak-preview (so you know to start drooling) and hand it over to Ty to deliver you the rest of the post and the goods.  Be sure to check it out – they were an absolute hit with brownie lovers all over!

I hope you like chocolate. 

Now, if you know me, you know I’m always looking for excuses to bake things.  Especially brownies.

I know what you must be thinking.  Yes, I do realize it’s not really necessary to have an excuse to bake… but, you know, having an excuse often means having someone to share said baked goodies with.  Right?

Like meeting a new neighbor.  Celebrating a birthday.  Having dinner guests.

See what I mean?  Yet another reason why I absolutely love holidays.  Holidays deliver weeks of baking excuses for me – weeks, I tell you!  The fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up, combined with meeting you for the first time, gave me all the incentive I needed to get in the kitchen and start making THESE.

Valentine’s Day, to me, just screams for chocolate.  As much so as Thanksgiving begs for Turkey and Christmas craves a good spice cake.  You know it.  I know it.  Everyone knows it.  We also know it’s a holiday for celebrating love and matters of the heart.

This is the part where I get to why these brownies are legitimately the best thing to bake for Valentine’s Day.