7 Healthy Smoothies Video!

7 Healthy smoothies you can make ahead - super easy and delicious - video at Fitcakery.com

With all the award shows going on lately, I’ve been inspired.  I’ve gotten into the movie-making business, people!

It hasn't been up long enough to get nominated for anything… yet.  But just wait – who knows?

I mean, among movies about smoothies made at home on computers that have barely enough memory to edit a few minutes of film?  I have to say, it is just stunning.  And I’m counting the seconds until someone realizes I have incredible talent on film and throws money at me to just host my own dang FoodNetwork show, already.  No bigs.

I’ll stop waving my over-sized toque now so you can instead appreciate the fact that I made you breakfast.  For, like, a week. 

Well, they aren't in your refrigerator yet, but it really is so simple to prep and make these (ahem, delicious) smoothies, that I might as well have made them for you! 

And before you try them, I will give you my honest, personal opinion about the recipes.  They really WERE delicious!  I went through 7 other healthy smoothies before these… and they flopped.  I just couldn't share them.  So in all honesty, these were fabulous!  And healthy.  And easy.  And I really did put them all in my fridge and drank them over the next few days.  Still.  Excellent.

This video was posted by Azedine, over at traffood.com.  Thanks!

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