What I Ate on Wednesday and Weekly Workouts

What I Ate on Wednesday and My Weekly Workouts - FitCakery.com

[Note: This post is an experimental Thursday post to see if anyone likes, benefits from, and/or gives a Twinkie about the things I do for my personal health/ well-being/ sanity.  It may border on TMI.  I also include (just this once) all the times I actually got up, for 2-5 minutes, during the 90+ minutes it has taken me to write this post, exactly right before I got up.  So you can find out how much of an unfocused spaz I may or may not be.]

If you’ve ever been around me when I am supposed to be sitting still, you’ll know that this is a difficult task for me.  If you are present for a single hour while I try to watch a movie, write a blog post, edit photos or read a book, you will see me get up for water, gum, bathroom, sweater, a snack (I like to call this procrastineating) or a walk no less than three times.  And yes, that is on a good day.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve mentioned this before.  I am, after all, often dealing with the strain of sitting while I type, which means the thought of getting up is probably the foremost thing on my mind.  By the way, have I asked for a treadmill desk yet?  It’s on the very top of my wish-list.

I wouldn’t call it ADD or anything like that.  I’d call it – hold on, excuse me while I get something…

What I Ate on Wednesday and My Weekly Workouts - FitCakery.com

What was I talking about?  Never mind.  All this coffee is making me jumpy.

Anyway, I tend to feel most productive when I’m physically up and doing something.  Cleaning, cooking, lifting weights, fighting crime by night (you never heard that) – those sorts of things.

So this post is kind of a weird mash-up of things I FEEL most productive doing (ie, cooking, eating, working out) and things I’m ACTUALLY most productive doing (ie, writing blog posts and sending them out to the world for, like, three people to physically read and benefit from.)

 For this week and the next couple weeks, I’ve decided to try – getting up for slippers and to heat up a neck-warmer – I’ve decided to try scheduling days-of-the-week kind of posts.  So far I’ve promised one each day, and I am proud of myself for actually doing it!

What I Ate on Wednesday and My Weekly Workouts - FitCakery.com

Thursdays are currently What I Ate on Wednesday and This Week’s Workouts.  So you can judge me or be inspired by me and what I ACTUALLY ATE AND DID OR DID NOT DO.  That’s the general idea, anyway.  Tell me if you like it/don’t like it!  If I don’t receive a response, I will assume that at least two out of the three of you are enjoying it enough for me to keep going.

I feel successful, having sat here long enough to finish that much, but the moment you’ve actually been waiting for is yet to come!  Your anticipation and perseverance thus far will not go unrewarded.

What I Ate (really) On Wednesday (a more-or-less typical day of eating currently):

7:35 am: ½ an Ezekiel English muffin (excuse me I need some lotion…) about 2 ounces smoked salmon, 1 teaspoon-ish capers, small handful baby spinach, about 2-3 cups coffee, between 1-2 tablespoons half-and-half in said coffee

9:30-11:30 am: BCAAs in my water bottle while I taught a boot camp class and then worked out for an hour.

1:15 pm:  One large banana.

1:30 pm: Pile of previously prepped veggies and protein: Asparagus; butternut squash cubes; roasted carrots, parsnips, onions; sautéed bell peppers; chicken sausage and grilled chicken; finally piled with greens on top and covered in that Chocolate Mole Sauce (which is wonderful on anything and everything.) Whoops – waited longer than normal to eat again because of getting my nails done after the gym.  My bad!  The nail guy kept telling me how hungry he was, too, while doing my nails.  I think both of us were anxious to get outta there.

What I Ate on Wednesday and My Weekly Workouts - FitCakery.com

2:30 pm: Still felt like munching on something but didn’t want more veggies and was hopeful to keep my carbs at a moderate level today… so I ate a snack-pack of Atkins’ version of peanut M&Ms.  Started by just taking half out and leaving the other half in a sealed container.  Ended up going back and eating the rest.

6:30 pm:  Dinner out with friends at Sushi Garden!  Sometimes we walk on the edge and go out in the middle of the week.  So wild.  I ordered the 5-piece salmon sashimi (maybe 4-5 oz raw salmon?) some edamame (I ate over ½ cup of it with the pods – of course I didn’t actually eat the pods!) two mackerel nigiri (T. of white rice each) and two pieces of Steve’s sushi rolls – similar to Cali Rolls.  Oh, and a glass of white wine.

8:30 pm: In the mood to try a little Tawny Port we got recently, I poured myself about 2 ounces.  Delicious.  And one lovely half of this Fancy Chocolate Chip Cookie.

My Workouts (the real things I did) Sunday through Wednesday:

(Going to get my workout book… be back in a few…)

Note: This is an atypical week for me, doing less weight training as I have been trying super hard to fight off the cold everyone seems to have right now – it’s been making me tired, but luckily that’s all so far!


Evening leg workout at the gym, (feeling tired):

·         5 minutes on the stair-climber

·         Leg Press (that you physically put the weights on): 300 pounds/ 2 sets each with different leg positions for a total of 6 sets/ 8-10 reps each

·         Calves on leg press: 300 pounds/ 6 sets, alternating with leg press/ 15 reps each

·         Stiff-Legged Deadlifts: 110 pounds/ four sets/ 8-10 reps each

·         Adductor and Abductor Machine Dropset: 165, 150, 135, 120 pounds/ four sets to failure, one immediately after the other/ 8-15 reps each

·         Individual Quad Extensions Machine Dropset: 60, 50, 40, 30 pounds/ four sets to failure, one immediately after the other/ 5-10 reps each

·         Ham Curl Machine Dropset: 65, 50, 40, 30 pounds/ four sets to failure, one immediately after the other/ 4-7 reps each


Taught a morning Body Works (toning class) with 7.5 pound dumbbells

Decline Ab Bench Crunches (set to highest decline): holding a 25 pound plate/ three sets of full crunches/ 20 crunches each

Ab Side Dips off the 45 degree Roman Chair: Holding 45 pound plate in one arm/ two sets per side/ 20 reps each

Taught an evening Cycling class


Taught a morning Cycling class

Attended an evening Yoga class


Taught a morning Boot Camp class

Back and Shoulders Workout:

·         Unassisted pull ups: 6 reps/wide grip; 6/close grip; 4/wide; 6 close

·         Low row: 7 reps/42.5 pounds; 7/42.5; dropset-> 4/50; 4/42.5; 4/35; 5/27.5

·         Overhead press: 10/27.5; 7/27.5; 7/27.5

·         Bent over reverse flys: 10/22.5; 7/22.5; 7/22.5

·         Front and lateral delt raises: 7/17.5; 9/15; 9/15

·         One armed lat pull downs with a cable:  12/12.5; 11/12.5; 10/12.5

So that was a lot of information.  And it took a little while to write.  But I have had one or two people ask me how I eat, how I train, and even how I eat what I eat and keep from being all flabby-like.  So here is a picture of a few days like they really were… if that answers any questions! 

Check back later tomorrow for Friday Dessert Day!