Eggs are What’s for Breakfast: Three Ways

My fur-babies. Chase and Bean are good brothers.    This is right before they had an epic battle...

My fur-babies. Chase and Bean are good brothers.  

This is right before they had an epic battle...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs (my pets Bean and Chase don’t like being left out)…

I’ve decided to try something new.  For the next three weeks, I’ll be testing out a new schedule for blog posts, so you’ll have something to dance around in anticipation for every day of the week.  You do dance in anticipation, right?  That’s not just me?

If this schedule is pleasing to you (and your cats and dogs who I assume don’t want to be left out, either) it will stick and be available for marking in your blog-reading calendar henceforth.  Until people tell me they’re bored and that something new needs to be added.

So for now – for the next three weeks, at least – this shall be your FitCakes schedule:

Monday: Breakfast Monday – in which you get one or more amazing + healthy breakfast recipes.

Tuesday: Tips Tuesday – involving helpful tips about cooking, life, and/or fitness.

Wednesday: Wild Card Wednesday – in which I may provide anything from a radical new recipe to cat memes for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: What I Ate on Wednesday and Weekly Workout – It’s a twofer.  I thought maybe you’d like to see what I REALLY eat on a regular basis… whether or not you judge me for it afterward.  Plus, workouts I actually did over the week/ how to do them.

Friday: TGIF Dessert Day – It’s the weekend and we want our cake.  Only these cakes won’t make you heavier by next Monday, so you can keep up with those awesome goals of yours.

There you have it.  Now pencil that in and visit me back here all week long.  I’ll be waiting!

BY the by... it’s Monday!  Which means RIGHT NOW, it’s breakfast time.  And breakfast time today means eggs.

I know I do a lot of vegan recipes, so don’t get me wrong – I’m still all for finding swaps where and when ever appropriate – but I know a few things about eggs that make them a premium protein choice in my book.

Eggs are officially one of the top foods you can eat – they’re full of protein (for muscles), choline (brain), lutein and zeaxanthin (eyes).  Plus, whole eggs keep you full longer, keeping you happier (highly important), AND actually help LOWER your bad cholesterol.  Slam. Dunk.

Now, here are three epic ways to make them, any time of the week.

When you want eggs right NOW, with minimal cleanup, for only one or two people, and also who knows what you’ll want for breakfast tomorrow, anyway:  Mini Frittatas

For the true egg-lover who knows they want eggs every day but they don’t want to constantly fuss around in the kitchen:  Powered Up Breakfast Frittata

For the brunch aficionados and gourmandes-at-heart who want manageable, yet beautiful, breakfasts: Heirloom Eggs Benedict

See you tomorrow for Tips Tuesday!  In which I teach you how to make a DIY limousine to drive you from the gym to dinner – or maybe it’s not that… but only one way to find out, right?