My BIG Decision! So Crazy It Just Might Work.

So this is it.  I'm finally sharing with you my big decision.  You know, those new goals I said I had?  The new things I plan to share with you on a regular basis?  More fitness tips and clean foods and whatnot?

Yep.  So here it is.  And all will be revealed. 

Also... Did you know part of the plan is more YouTube Vids on the regs?  Okay, I'm not hip enough to talk like that.  But who really is, anyway?  So check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE HERE because you're crazy and I love you all.

Comment me any/all of your questions.  Will answer up to and including those about the phrase "fruit pterodactyl."

Courtney from is taking her fitness goals to a new level. And it's so crazy, it just might work! Get ready for a new line of information, reviews, giveaways, fitness "secrets", and more!