Brussels Sprout + Grapefruit Slaw

AaaAaaaand I’m back! 

What?  You didn’t know I’d gone anywhere?  Pffftt! 

Well, actually, I wouldn’t be surprised, especially if you’re not reading this directly after my date of posting, and it’s quite possible you were just searching for something else to do with Brussels sprouts. Oh, the things you can do with Brussels sprouts!

Although, if you WERE hanging on the edge of your seat for the last month, saying, where has that girl gone?  What happened to her New Year’s resolution to post TWICE a week?  Then, to you, I say I’m terribly sorry, I HAVE missed you, let’s never part again! 

I know I fell off the writing train a bit, but during that time I have been thinking about you all and some new components for the blog.  I’ve got some plans and some fun surprises in store.  Sneak peek: It’s going to include a series of SERIOUS(ly delectable) clean eats, and finally, some workout tips and plans that go way beyond what I’ve done already.  And something else.  (Just so you know, I’m stifling a squeal.)


In the meantime, I have this fantastic, mostly raw, salad to share with you!  It takes advantage of the peppery, raw Brussels sprout as a crunchy, cabbage-like base.  For flavor, texture, and nutritional value, cashews and apricots come to the party with a little bacon for a hit of protein and, what else - LOTS of flavor!


The dressing is a heart-healthy combination of grapefruit juice and avocado oil, both of which are helpful additions to a slimming diet.  I’ve served it up for dinner guests and have kept it for a week of quick dinner sides.  Did I mention it’s really tasty and easy to make?

Brussels sprout slaw

3 c. Brussels sprouts, ends cut off and roughly chopped

1 c. dried apricots (or about 20)

2/3 c. raw cashews

2-3 strips turkey or veggie bacon, cooked to a crisp and crumbled


½ grapefruit, juiced

2 T. avocado oil

3 T. agave nectar (I like the 5-calorie stevia blend)

¼ tsp. each:  salt, freshly ground pepper

½ tsp. each:  garlic powder, onion powder

Whisk together all the ingredients for the dressing until well combined and set aside.

In a food processor, pulse the Brussels sprouts just until shredded, keeping a somewhat chunky consistency.  If there are any whole or large chunks of the sprouts left in the processor, you can take the finely chopped majority out and pulse the large pieces again.

Remove the chopped sprouts to a large bowl, and process the apricots and then the cashews, getting each to a roughly chopped consistency before mixing in with the sprouts. 

Mix in the crumbled bacon, and pour the dressing on. (Start with half the recipe, and if that is enough for you, you can save some fat and calories – but if you want all of the dressing, GO for it! Remember that grapefruit has fat-burning properties and avocado oil is one of the heart-healthiest fats you can get!)  Add more of the seasonings, if needed, to your taste!

1/7 of the recipe serving = 157cal; 16g carbs; 10g fat; 3g protein