Hunter-Gatherer Salad

My friends, I have seen nature... and nature tastes delicious

Peppery arugula mixed with springy, tasty greens makes an excellent bed for juicy, sautéed mushrooms and crunchy peppers.  If you include a lightly fried egg, some freshly sliced turkey and a garnish of green peas, toasted cashews, and a spritz of orange, it’s like a sunny field in heaven.


To get this together I went off into the woods, picked my dinner growing wild in a clearing, patted a deer on the head, and wrastled a bear for a turkey on my way home.

Or, at least, one could imagine that I did, with my pseudo-hunter-gatherer meal here.  Everything you see before you is easily identifiable and comes complete with the vitamins and minerals Momma Nature intended it to have. 

I could almost launch into a straight-up essay right now on the healthfulness of whole foods.  I’m not referring to the grocery store – I mean foods that are, well, you know… whole. 

Like, basic, natural foods.  One ingredient.  Straight from nature.  No funny business.


Can I ask you something?  When you see Twinkies and Pop Tarts and jelly beans at the grocery store… do “nature” and “natural” come to mind?  Does “cherry-flavor” actually taste anything like a cherry? What IS sodium stearoyl lactylate, and what is it doing in that Twinkie? 


I am currently reading a fascinating book, by the name of The Omivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan.  He dives into America’s foodways like an ant into a picnic basket, and comes up with some really interesting beans about what we’ve been eating over the last century or so.


I won’t go off on this subject as deeply as he does, of course – you want to get to the eating part, right? – but the thing is, a balanced, natural diet based on plant foods (especially organic and sustainably grown/raised) is important for us, and the future of our food.

Don’t just take my word for it, now.  Go hunt this better-eating knowledge down yourself!



Hunter-Gatherer Salad

2 cups freshly chopped mixed baby greens

1 cup freshly chopped baby arugula

Handful diced bell pepper

½ portabella mushroom, sliced

1/8 c. frozen peas

1/8 c. chopped raw cashews

1 large egg

2 ounces sliced or shredded turkey breast

Onion powder, garlic powder, salt, black pepper

1 tsp orange zest and wedge or two of orange

After preparing the greens, bell pepper, and mushroom, thaw the frozen peas in a small bowl filled with room temperature water.  Set the bowl aside.

In a sauté pan over medium heat, use canola oil cooking spray to lightly sauté the diced bell pepper and mushroom. 

Place the chopped greens/arugula together on large plate and lay the sautéed pepper and mushroom on top.  In the same sauté pan, toast the cashews, and scatter them on top.  Drain and add the thawed peas.

Finally, over medium-low heat, pan-fry the egg, using a bit of cooking spray, until mostly cooked through – or to your preferred level of doneness – and place that and the shredded turkey on top of the salad.

Finish with the seasonings and zest, and squeeze the orange wedge(s) over the salad. 

Even if you didn’t hunt down the turkey yourself, I won’t blame you if you dig into this salad like you did all the work!  You certainly deserve the credit for eating clean, whole food today!