3 Time-Saving Recipes

Three healthy and delicious recipes I'll be making for easy + quick gourmet dinners in! #easyrecipes #healthyrecipes
Three delicious + healthy recipes to make a quick + impressive dinner! #weeknightgourmet #healthycooking

It's SO close to Christmas - I can hardly believe it!  See, I've been counting down in a really tasty way...

On the 3rd day of Christmas, FitCakes gave to me 3 Time-Saving Recipes.

Not that I had the foresight to plan it that way, but this actually kinda works out perfectly.

As it would happen, I left the "time-saving" recipe day for almost the very end of the 12 Days of Christmas series.  Time-saving recipes are in high demand in my kitchen right now.  Right when all the things I haven't done are catapulting at me as if the holiday season had declared a medieval seige upon my life.

Of course I don't blame the holiday season.  I still agree with the song lyrics that play on the radio non-stop - no matter how often I hear them - "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"  

But because it's the season of a million wonderful events, it's hard not to get caught up in the flurry and fall behind on a few things.

I mean, with all the traveling to see family, the holiday parties to plan/attend, the cookies to bake, the presents to buy - and then to wrap, making it to the gym (important for sanity as much as health,) among so many other (still wonderful) things... suddenly, it's Christmas.  Surprise!

I'm sure you're with me on this.  Either that or you've devised a genius system of task-management that CEOs and government leaders around the world would pay major money to learn.  Probably.  But either way, I'd certainly like to have that kind of genius organizational skill.

Since I'm still trying to figure out how to fit working out, writing, developing recipes, photography, and getting the kitchen clean again into one day, it doesn't surprise me that I tend to fall behind on things during the busy holiday season.  But that doesn't mean other people have to know!  (You won't tell, will you?)  With recipes like these, I can entertain dinner guests or visiting family the days before or after Christmas without feeling overwhelmed!  

Just think, appetizers, dinner, and dessert - done in minutes without a ton of extra cleanup.  It's like magic.

1. Appetizer: Heaven-Sent Bruschetta

vegan, gluten-free

Who doesn't like bruschetta?  The tomatoey bruschetta-topping is like Italian salsa you can put on chips or bread.  It usually goes over so well before dinner that I have to have backups made.  Luckily, this recipe can be doubled without doubling the time it takes to make it!  Plus, this one isn't swimming in oil - doesn't need it! - and it goes over well with all kinds of dietary needs.

[Want another appetizer option? Try this Avocado Hummus with Baked Chipotle Tortilla Chips]




2. Main Dish: 4-Minute 4-Ingredient Creamy Chestnut Sauce

vegan, gluten-free

I love finding a creamy sauce recipe that's also healthy.  And with a name like "Creamy Chestnut Sauce" it would be hard to find a more impressive holiday dish.  Especially one that only takes 4 minutes to make!

[Try these other quick-to-make pasta sauces, too! California Pesto + Laid-Back Creamy Tomato Sauce]



3. Dessert: Easy Spiced Almond-Date Balls

vegan, gluten-free

If you want to impress your family and friends, just tell them you made spiced almond-date truffles.  And do these not look like gourmet truffles?  With all the spices and sweet dates involved, there is no way they won't taste like it!  Just take a couple minutes ahead of time for a quick dessert: a few minutes of blending the ingredients, some time in the refrigerator, and they're ready to go!

[Yet more ideas for quick, healthy desserts: Peach Cobbler , Pear, Honey + Goat Cheese Crepes, Hazelnut-Pumpkin Frosting Shots