Recipe Roundup: 12 Days of Christmas Recipes

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my FitCakes gave to me....

A ton of healthy Christmas recipes!

I'm so glad you're here today.  I have a lot - sleigh-fulls - of recipes to share!  It's the Christmas season, and there are nooo shortages of decadent recipes comin' atcha from every which way.  I mean, have you been on Pinterest lately?  

Wait, what am I talking about... Pinterest is like, your home page, isn't it?  Or would that be too dangerous for you and your addiction?  It's alright, I completely understand.  Actually, if anything, I'm even more obsessed with  They only post the BEST looking stuff!

Usually, I have to limit myself to just a 20 minute drool-sesh on any one of those websites.  You could never be "done" looking at all the pictures, so it is, in fact, quite possible to get lost there and not resurface to reality in hours.  Unless, of course, it starts making you hungry... then you might actually decide to get up and bake something!

So, in spite of the fact that I usually have to forcibly extract myself from food-porn sites, I've come up with a plan to not only make my time spent on them worth something, but streamline your holiday recipe search as well!

My little gift to you:  From today until December 23, I will be putting together lists of recipes that fit into 12 all-important categories for holiday foodery.  Starting with these 12 small-bites holiday recipes, I'll pick out 11 the next day, and so on, until I get to just one!  One of the recipes will be mine, but the rest will be chosen from out in the blogosphere.

There are 12 healthy small bites for the holidays... and I want to make all of them! #holidayrecipes

Here are the next 11 categories I'll feature:

11 Kid-Friendly Recipes

10 Holiday Leftover Recipes

9 Holiday Brunch Recipes

8 Takes on Gingerbread Recipes

7 Crock-Pot Recipes

6 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

5 Meatless Main Dishes

4 Most-Decadent Mint Chocolate Desserts

3 Time-Saving Recipes

2 Hot Drinks to Warm the Soul

1 Layered Butterscotch Brownie Bars

My guidelines?  The recipes are gonna be way better for you than their traditional counterparts.  IE, you can feel simply angelic while eating them, feeding them to your children, loved ones, etc.  Or, at least, you can feel like you belong on the nice list this year.  Look, I even made a Christmas rhyme...

I'm making a list, checking it twice, and picking only ones not naughty, but nice!

It's going to go down in history, right?

Now before I get into the yummies, I need your help!  I'm asking YOU for contributions!  I'd love nothing better than to share your very own healthy holiday recipe and fabulous photos on FitCakes!  All I need you to do is LIKE Fitcakery on Facebook, and comment on my page with a link to a recipe on your website with the category you think it fits in best!  

If you don't have a website, but you know someone who has the perfect recipe, let them know how to get it here!  You can also help me by commenting to vote on which categories (that list above) you want to see the most of, so I know how to organize that list.  I would love you so so much forever If you could do that for me!

{This is a previous year's post, so please disregard the above call for recipes!}

The 12 Days of Christmas Countdown: Small Bites to Warm Your Body + Soul

1. Kona Cupcakes with Kahlua Buttercream 

Before you talk to me in the morning... Wait 'till I've had my coffee!  Even in the afternoon, on a chilly day, there's almost no pick-me-up like a good cuppa Joe and a little mini Kona Coffeebean Cupcake!

2. Homemade Marshmallows (paleo) 

Ideally, these are the marshmallows I shall feed my children one day.  And I will stock up, because they will be amazing in every hot cocoa we ever make!

3. Quinoa Fritters w/ Healthy Garlic Aioli 

A delicious, whole-foodie kind of appetizer if there ever was one!

4. Pumpkin Mini Doughnuts (v + gf) 

They look too good to be healthy... so no one even has to know that this isn't your average holiday treat!

5. Mini Caramel Pecan Tarts 

Okay, so you like pecan pie.  This makes total sense.  Still, it's got soooo many calories, is it really worth it?  Well, if you turn it into a healthy mini pie, there's no reason to worry about it!

6. Christmas Pudding Bites

Bring us some Christmas Pudding, and bring it right now!  Can't wait to get into these little healthified desserts for the holidays.  

7. Mini Banana Cream Pies

Cream pie is good ANY time of year in my book - you know how much I love anything banana!  As tiny and whole-foodie as they are, its possible to enjoy and not overdo!

8. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Wontons

Now how cute are these one-bite pumpkin pie-esque treats?  Simply adorable.  When you want to try all the desserts, making them small makes it easy to fit them all in without going overboard!

9. Quinoa-Crusted Broccoli Mini Pies

Little breakfast or high-protein noshes like this one are on my list of must-makes for holiday guests!

10. Mexican Potato Stuffed Mini Mushroom Caps + Guacamole (v)

It's completely possible to have great appetizers and make them healthy, too - especially when they come in zesty stuffed-mushroom form like this!

11. Sweet Potato Rosti Garden Sliders

Just drooling at the sight of them.  That's all.  Yep, we gotta have some of these for appetizers (or dinner!) for sure!

12. Olive-Thyme Mini Muffins

I can't imagine when these healthy muffins would NOT be good to make!  Appetizers, with food, as a snack, even brunch...