6 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

The 6 most deliciously good-for-you recipes with pumpkin from the blogosphere! Can't wait to try them all! #pumpkinrecipes

Christmas is coming!  It is, in fact, only 6 days away... as this 12 Days of Christmas countdown keeps reminding me...  

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So I've been doing a lot of shopping and planning this week - erm, kinda last-minute, I know - I still have yet to enter Christmas season in the truly organized and proactive fashion that I always aspire to...  But it's (mostly) done now, and I'm starting to get excited about the presents!

I just looove picking things out for my friends and family.  I'm not saying I'm the best gift-giver on the face of the planet... but I do so cherish the opportunity to apply my knowledge of the people I care about to something tangible.  You could legitimately say I get my kicks watching peoples' faces opening the stuff I thoughtfully picked for them.  Does this make my gift-giving a little selfish, in a way?  Probably.  

Here are some examples of phrases I'd love to hear on Christmas morning: "Oh my gosh, how did you ever find a t-rex pencil sharpener?  Now I really DO have a t-rex on every item in my house!" Or... "That is so thoughtful of you to have eaten two of the hot dogs out of this pack... you remembered how my OCD kicks in when there aren't enough hot dog buns for the hot dogs!"  *Note: These are not actual phrases I've ever heard.  Yet.  But they do represent the kind I aim for.

Now, I can't really talk about the things I've actually gotten for people yet this year... you never know when someone might randomly decide to read this blog for the first time!  But Santa Paws came early, so my dog already knows what his Christmas present is.  Santa found a huge, velvety bed, filled with memory foam for little Chase!  

Chase is a big fan of sleeping on beds - including ours when we neglect to close the bedroom door before we leave him alone in the house - so this sounded like the best gift ever.  So far he seems to agree!  There's only one problem.  The cat also loves beds.  Actually, Bean loves beds that have been pre-warmed for him.  I think cats must have Jedi mind-powers, because somehow, the 50-pound black doggy that roughs him up during play-fights gives in the moment 12-pound Beanie gives him the evil eye.  Every single time.  Not sure how much longer it will be until the new bed gets pounced, but I'm betting it's not far off.

Apparently this Jedi mind-power of cats is a quasi-universal trait.

Hold on - were you waiting for me to start talking about pumpkin things and how much I love them?  Oh, you.  

Haven't you already seen my veritable shrines to pumpkin things in the past?  I just can't get enough of the stuff.  So you got another pumpkin roundup, of course!  Only this time, I thought there should be one more recipe than in the last roundup, so for the 6th Day of Christmas, FitCakes gave to me 6 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes!

Before we get going here, though, be sure to check out how to make your own, EASY, homemade pumpkin puree!




1. Pumpkin Cheesecake for Everyone

gluten-free, low-carb

Can we just take a moment to thank whoever came up with the idea for cheesecake?  I mean, it is a cake.  Of cheese.  But it's a pie.  It's a radical, crazy, wonderful idea, and I want to thank someone.  Incidentally, I feel very strongly about pumpkin pie, as well.  I wasn't sure if my head would explode when I combined the two... and then made it low-carb to boot... but I survived.  Thank goodness, because I thoroughly enjoyed this particular combination of two phenomenal things.



2. Pumpkin Pie English Muffins


English muffins are basically the fancy European cousin of bagels.  If you combine them with anything pumpkin, they are the trendy, fun-loving, fancy European cousin of bagels.  This is what I'm thinking when I say this sounds like the coolest recipe ever.  Besides, did you know Leigha at theyoopergirl.com makes these vegan, with whole wheat flour, AND she makes them look easy?  Yeah.  I AM going to try these!



3. Pumpkin Gingerbread


Pumpkin.  Gingerbread.  Two of the best things for the holidays, no?  It only makes perfect sense to combine the two.  This truly moist and delicious recipe just happens not to involve any animal products at all, which is pretty darn cool, especially when trying to be eco-friendly/healthy/can't-find-any-eggs-in-the-house.

[Pst. Here's another couple recipes like this: Chocolate-Gingerbread Pumpkin Tart + Pumpkin Pie Loaf Cake]



4. Baked Pumpkin Risotto

vegan, gluten-free

Remember how I made risotto so much I had to stop calling it "risotto" in order to avoid being made fun of for making is alllll the time?  Well it's recipes like this one that made me do it.  Creamy pumpkin in creamy risotto is just a recipe for... well, awesomeness, I guess.  This one, though, is way healthier and even a tad easier than your traditional risotto - which is pretty awesome, too!

[Another savory, baked application of pumpkin: Pumpkin Spaghetti Squash Tetrazzini]



5. Smoky Pumpkin Bisque

vegan, gluten-free

I'm always excited when I find new twists on savory pumpkin dishes.  This recipe blows my mind with the combination of sweet and smoky nuances, a touch of chipotle, and kale chips for garnish.  It is just dripping with the essence of gourmet - that makes sense, right?  I'm pretty sure this is going to taste as fantastic as bacon.  Except, of course, in vegan form.

[Need more soup ideas like this? Try: Winter Glow Soup]



6. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

gluten-free friendly

Yes, I've heard of this concept of the breakfast cookie.  I've even made several cookies I think can and do make good breakfasts.  And YET.  I've never seen one that is actually  SO convincingly breakfast-worthy.  These are simply gorgeous, no?  Like a bowl of oatmeal got all dolled up just so you could take it out on the town.  And that's basically what it is: Beautiful, healthy, oatmeal to-go!

[Another scrumptious gluten-free + vegan recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Cookies for Everyone]