8 Takes on Gingerbread Recipes

I want to eat ALL the gingerbread!

I drew this little picture to help represent my feelings on the subject of gingerbread.  Isn't it just wonderful?

Personally, I think there has not been enough gingerbread in my life this season.  

With Christmas a mere EIGHT days away, (Wait, what?) I think this is a fact in need of remedying.  

As such, I've rounded up just about every way you can get the flavor of gingerbread in before it's too late!  

Okay, technically it's never too late... but I certainly enjoy gingerbread the most before New Year's Day.

It's so lucky that on the 8th day of Christmas my FitCakes gave to me 8 Gingerbread Recipes!  

(Crock Pot recipes switched places to the 7th day, as a result.)

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1. Chocolate-Gingerbread Pumpkin Tart 

gluten-free, protein

Two of life's hardest decisions:  What dessert do I make this Christmas?  And:  What happens if I want ALL the desserts?  Yes, I'm sure those are the hardest decisions one could possibly make.  They probably keep you up at night.  Woke me up once or twice, anyway...  But while I can't solve every problem in the world, the above dilemmas are ameliorated with this splendid fusion of gingerbread, chocolate cookies, and pumpkin pie.  Next step... world peace?

I'm in love with all 8 ways to have healthified gingerbread! #healthyholidays

2. Gingerbread Pancakes

This recipe is just fun for everyone.  It's super healthy, so you can feel great about eating these/feeding them your wee ones.  And, whether or not they care about that particular aspect, they're sure gonna love having this fancy of a breakfast! I mean... especially if you took a gingerbread man cookie-cutter to them and gave him raspberry buttons.  Just sayin'.

3. Gingerbread Granola 

vegan, gluten-free

It's the age-old story of dessert meets cereal.  Fortunately, this affair doesn't result in the unhealthy, processed sugar-puffs found in supermarket aisles.  In fact, this recipe is practically a downright superhero, with all that nutrition.  Which is why I'm looking forward to baking up a batch of this granola... and then putting it on everything! 

4. Gingerbread Graham Crumble Bars 

vegan, gluten-free

I'm a big fan of bars.  
C'mon, you know what I mean - the kind you bake like a giant cookie.  I love how easy and yet how versatile they can be.  Any time I want to make a batch of something for coworkers, a birthday party, or just for a quick and pretty dessert, I know that there's a bar recipe ready to save the day.  This recipe is just the ticket for satisfying the seasonal gingerbread cravings in a easy-to-make way.  Did I meantion it's no-bake?  Even better!

5. Vegan Raw Gingerbread Men 

raw, vegan, gluten-free

These are the healthiest dudes to have around this holiday season.  Because as soon as you start scouring your house for those holiday cookies you hid from yourself - and, let's face it, it happens - these vegan, raw, gingerbread men will be there to save the day.  Katie knows how to pack in the flavor with natural sweetness and whole ingredients, so you only get holiday treats that are healthy AND satisfying!

6. Gingerbread Smoothie 

raw, vegan, gluten-free

Yes.  Yes it is.  Another way to get dessert for breakfast!  Or... is it breakfast for dessert?  Either way I'm sold on this smoothie.  It's so creamy, it's like a milkshake without all the extra fat/sugar/calories.  Need I say more?

7. Gingerbread Apple Pie


When I saw this recipe for apple pie with a gingerbread crust, I simply had to add it to the list.  I've been meaning to make some apple pie with the canned apples my momma made me, but it just hasn't happened yet.  I completely absolutely need to try this flavor combo, though.  Excuses for apple pie are never necessary, but if they were... this would be that excuse.

8. Quinoa Gingerbread Cookies

vegan, gluten-free friendly

One cannot forget about actual cookies when it comes to gingerbread recipes.  But we're not talkin' bout your grandma's recipe, here.  There is no secret and absolutely no shame in these ingredients - in fact, we should all be wanting to shout them out loud!  Quinoa!  Flax!  Ginger!  Coconut oil!  I even think Santa might give you an extra present if you leave a few of these out for him, don't you?