9 Holiday Brunch Recipes

It's a good thing it's almost the weekend because... oh, wait - it's Tuesday.  Oh, well!  I'll make brunch tomorrow anyway.  After all...

On the 9th day of Christmas, my FitCakes gave to me 9 holiday brunch recipes!
If I'm going to try them all, I better start now, right?

If you've been following along the last few days, you've noticed that I am posting a new recipe roundup EVERY DAY up until Christmas now, for each day of the 12 day countdown to Christmas!  

Of course I want to do brunch! These recipes even make it super healthy! #holidayrecipes

I'm doing this to help you find all the best healthy recipes for the season, while discovering a ton of fun new healthy blogs.  It's like a treasure hunt.  A treasure hunt where I never have to leave the house... and it makes me hungry.  But, never fear, I'll make the ultimate sacrifice and do it for you.


So far, on the 12th day of Christmas, FitCakes gave to me 12 Healthy Small Bites Recipes


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For the remaining days, we have: 8 Crock Pot Recipes, 7 Takes on Gingerbread, 6 Pumpkin Recipes, 5 Vegetarian Main Dishes, 4 Most-Decadent Mint Chocolate Somethings, 3 Time Savers for Cozy Weeknights In, 2 Hot Drinks to Warm You Up, and 1 Christmas Surprise!


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Please enjoy this virtual smorgasbord of amazing brunchy eats - it was seriously difficult to choose just 9 of them... but I did it.  I made sure they were all made from scratch with minimally processed ingredients (no mixes and such), healthier than your average brunch recipe, gorgeous, and EXCEEDINGLY delectable.






1. Peppermint Latte Scones

I think this might just be the best winter pairing there is for a hot mug of coffee!  Whether or not you prefer an actual peppermint latte or straight up black, these whole wheat and vegan scones have no higher purpose than to be devoured with gusto alongside brunchtime coffee.

2. Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Because I can't say the word "brunch" without cinnamon rolls popping instantly into my brain.  Furthermore:  Gingerbread.  And cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  It's a trifecta that can only mean one thing... totally and perfectly awesome holiday brunch food.  Besides, this girl makes 'em healthified with whole wheat flour.  Sold!

3. GF/Vegan Cranberry Orange Bagels

I have, at this point, not yet attempted bagel-making.  So of course a recipe for gluten-free, vegan bagels has me aching to try it - I think if you can make a good gluten-free vegan bagel, you can do anything.  And daaaang do these look GOOD.  Plus - they are cranberry-orange bagels!  I am such a sucker for that flavor combo, especially for a holiday brunch.

4. Mushroom Millet + Leek Frittatas

While I've made my share of frittatas in life, the one thing I have learned about frittatas is that you can never know every which way to make a frittata.  There are literally one infinity ways to combine the ingredients/ choices of shapes and sizes.  So when I saw these adorable muffin-sized frittatas with such excellent ingredients, I knew they had to go on the brunch menu.  Just right for eating alongside, say, a cinnamon roll or a scone, no?

5. Chocolate Malt Breakfast Bowl

Now, I wasn't thinking to include any bowls oatmeal in my brunch roundup - it's not something I typically associate with brunches.  But I mean... are you looking at this thing?  Are you not drooling, like, even a little?  It's gorgeous, easy to make, and insanely healthy, too. I'm considering all factors here, and this one has got to be on the list.  I could even consider putting aside the pastries for a Saturday morning with this baby.

6. Baked Jelly Filled Cake Doughnuts

When I was a kid, I always loved jelly doughnuts.  While everyone else was going for chocolate and sprinkles, I wanted the one without a hole in the middle.  But sometime in college, I came to the conclusion that jelly doughnuts were solely good if you wanted five seconds of culinary ecstasy, only to be hungry again in an hour feeling guilty about all the sugar you just consumed.  Not so with THESE doughnuts.  These aren't fried!  They're full of great ingredients!  If there is a jelly doughnut that could get me back on their good side, its this one for sure.

7. Pear and Pomegranate French Toast

French toast is the quintessential fancy-brunch food.  I mean, it's "French."  That's basically saying "the epitome of fancy" toast.  Unfortunately, at your typical brunch-on-the-town kind of joint, you are without a doubt making a hefty caloric deposit with the sugar-soaked hunka bread that is their signature French toast.  So when I saw this version of French toast, I couldn't believe how good it looks, AND that it's so healthy.  Talk about a fancy holiday brunch to impress your health-conscious (and even those non-health-conscious) guests!

8. Grain-Free Apple Coffee Cake with Caramel Sauce

Aaaand now!  The one you've all (most likely) been waiting for!  A recipe for all you hard-core brunchers.  This is one of those ooey-gooey coffee cakes that just steals the show.  I mean, look at it.  It's drenched in apples, pecans, and frosting.  The reason I couldn't say no to this one, even in a healthified brunch roundup, is that it breaks tradition not in tastiness, but in excess carbs and sugar.  Wherever possible, of course.  Definitely on the brunch list.  Most definitely.

9. Cinnamon Plum Smoothie - Holiday Detox

Finally, where would we be without our nutritionally balanced breakfast juice?  Even though I usually don't do a lot of juices and smoothies, I think this could be a good brunch recipe to pair with - or even substitute - for a heartier morning meal some holiday-season weekend.  You know, to combat that heavy feeling you often get the morning after a decadent feast the night before?  And how fun does that flavor sound?!  I mean - it's like the good-for-you, breakfast-version of mulled wine!  Hello, happy holiday tummy!