Sage Crepes with Butternut Squash and Sautéed Greens

 I’d love to tell you that right now I am dressed to the height of fashion in lovely, flattering clothes with my all hair done up and ready for the spotlight… but that would be big fat lie.  Even my pajama pants, the ones I actually have on, are practically laughing at me right now.

But, what would not be a lie… is that crepes are always fashionable.  Crepes are always stylish, pretty, and ready for the spotlight.  They are like the model who barely needs makeup and can be ready to pose for a photo in a matter of seconds.

Crepes can dress to the season, occasion, time of day, whatever they need to – and pull it off like freakin’ rock stars.


So I may not dress like a rock star – or even like the clothing models I pin on Pinterest – but I sure do love to doll up my food.  Incidentally, easy-to-make food is also high on my list of frequent eats.  Dressed-up dining doesn’t frequently combine with simplicity, but, luckily for sophisticated crepes, they make the cut in both categories.

Therefore, crepes win.

What they win – and by association, you and I – is the next few days up on top of this here blog roll. 

It’s just that there are so many amazing crepe combos… and I just have to share the four best ones I could possibly find.  The four best ones so far.  Two entrees, two desserts.  We said this is versatile, didn’t we?


So here is crepe number one.  The one that got me on this crepe-tangent in the first place, and serves as a segue into the fall season – butternut squash, sage, and sautéed greens.  Classic autumn wrapped in a delicate robe.

By the by, this is also my favorite crepe recipe as well – it stays delicious and classy within a reasonable calorie range while holding together with the elasticity of a champ.

Let’s do the crepe.


Sage Crepes with Butternut Squash and Sautéed Greens 

Makes 8-10 crepes

1 cup flour (all-purpose or half ww pastry and half all-purpose)

1 ½ c. almond milk or nonfat milk

2 eggs

¼ tsp. salt


Handful sage leaves, thinly sliced – divide into 8 portions, just enough to sprinkle throughout one crepe each

Butternut Squash

About 2 cups cooked OR frozen and thawed chunks of butternut squash

A few leaves sage, shredded

½ c. low-sodium chicken broth or almond milk – either one works

Salt, pepper, garlic powder as needed


8 cups packed mesclun greens, spinach, or kale

Salt, pepper

Cooking spray

Process the butternut squash, sage, salt, pepper, and garlic in a food processor with the stock or milk, until smooth, adding more liquid as needed.  Set aside until right after you finish the crepes.

Place all crepe ingredients except sage in a blender and blend just until no clumps remain.

Heat a small non-stick sauté pan on the stove over medium high heat and spray with a canola or vegetable oil cooking spray.

Sprinkle one portion of shredded sage leaves evenly across the pan.

Immediately pick up the pan and tilt slightly to one side.  Pour some of the batter on the pan while rotating the pan with your wrist to cover the entire bottom of the pan in an even coat.

Replace the pan on the stove and cook the crepe about one minute.  The edges will start to curl up and the top will look opaque.  Flip the crepe – if you can do this by simply flicking your wrist, I am impressed and jealous – or you can break out a large spatula and flip it my way – er… that way.

Cook about 30 seconds longer, or until done, and slide onto a plate.  Repeat, placing a sheet of wax paper in between each crepe to keep them from sticking.

In the pan on the stove, sauté the greens with salt and pepper and cooking spray until just wilted, and transfer to a small bowl.

Heat the butternut squash over medium heat, stirring, until heated through, and turn off the stove.

Portion the squash and greens between each crepe, roll up, and serve pronto!