Nectarine Dream Machine

It’s still summer, folks.  Yep.  That is the hot, sticky truth.  And while the weather here in Arizona gets all moody – between its still, bone-dry, 100+ temps and its 5 second rain-thunder-n-lightning tantrums – I’m inside like a lizard under a rock. 

Honestly, it’s not such a bad situation.  This is basically the exact recipe for me coming up with something like this sweet recipe.  Summer makes me fruit-crazy, as you may know… especially for one the season’s best delicacies, the peach.


I’ve been touting the glorious peach around like it’s all the rage these days, and it’s already gotten into a couple of my other recipes – think Peach Cobbler and Peach-Feta Muffins.  But then, just when I think maybe it’s almost time to move on to something else, peaches come right on back and remind me that they are, indeed, fantastic in anything.

This is why, one afternoon, with a smoothie craving and no will to leave the house to find one, the Peach Dream Machine came to be.  I may never leave the house for a smoothie again.


And yes, you’re right.  The Peach Dream Machine had to be renamed.  You see, much like Fuzzy Wuzzy (who was a bear) and his Grizzly brothers, nectarines and peaches share everything in common except their gene for fuzzy skin.  And what do we not need in our smoothies?  Exactly.  So the smooth, sweet, and equally delicious nectarine stepped in.

Plus, “Nectarine Dream Machine” just has a better ring to it, no?

Nectarine Dream Machine

8 oz. vanilla or original almond milk, unsweetened

4 oz. carrot juice - I am so super serious. You need this in there!

1 whole pitted nectarine or peach, fresh or frozen

1 small frozen banana (about 6 inches)

½ c. non fat plain Greek yogurt

Combine all ingredients in a blender and combine until supersmooth.

Enjoy, perhaps with a fancy straw and an umbrella.