Summer-Fruit Salad

In mid-July, fresh fruit is all over the produce section of every market like Yogi Bear on a picnic basket.

There are so many kinds of produce at their best right now that it is literally impossible, totally against nature, to resist bringing home truckfuls of it.

It’s basically an attempt on my part to eat summer.  I’m trying to pare a whole season down and eat it, I think.  Well, this salad was as close as I could get.  A bowlful of summer.

Short of making an actual “fruit salad,” I decided on a more lunch-timey dish that combines the fruit with tangy feta and balsamic vinegar with a green salad base in a totally perfect way.


One thing that’s extra sweet about this salad is the lack of need for an oil or cream-based vinaigrette:  the feta and avocado play the creamy part while the balsamic lends the acidic touch.  With the added nutritional value of feta (protein, calcium, B vitamins, zinc), and avocado (healthy fat, B, C, E, and K vitamins, potassium), plus the satiating effect of vinegar, it becomes a light and satisfying meal.

What’s your favorite summer fruit?  Got one?

I think mine is probably watermelon!  Mmm.  No… it’s not in this salad.  I like to gulp it plain, all through the day.  Watermelon when I want a snack, when I’m thirsty, when I have a sweet tooth, and even when I’m overheated from the dang Arizona sun.  Good thing it’s a healthy addiction!

Speaking of addictions...


Summer-Fruit Salad

2 ½ cups chopped mixed greens

¼ c. blueberries

¼ c. raspberries

¼ c. grapes

½ chopped yellow peach

¼ chopped avocado

¼ c. crumbled feta cheese

1/8 c. pumpkin seeds (I used these because I had them on hand and they’re delicious.  Sunflower seeds would also be great, and go well with the summer theme, too.)

1/8 c. dried cranberries

2+ T. balsamic vinegar

Optional seasonings: Garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, cayenne pepper


Toss ingredients to combine + enjoy promptly!  [You never know who might be eyeing your pickinick basket!]