Hi all!  Okays, here's the deal.  Pictures of cute animals - yes, I said aminals before. Sometimes you gotta say aminals - well, sometimes they just help.

I write a blog about living healthy, right?  So, I thought, what is the most fun way to lower our blood pressure after a hectic workday?  

Hectic workday if you're a mother of five! Or is that six...?

Hectic workday if you're a mother of five! Or is that six...?

And lowering blood pressure, of course, can help us to not have heart attacks.  Not having heart attacks can help us live longer... allowing us to continue enjoying things in life, like... bananas with cheerios, Saturday morning cartoons, the color piglet-nose pink, and the smell of the lawn when you're two inches from it.


So what IS the best way to chill on your five minutes of down time?

Oh, wait, it's sniffing us in the face.  Cute and funny-looking animals! 

I know, because you got a baby hippo from me before, and I could just sense all of you relax and start feeling happier about life in general!

Plus, any of us that have a smart phone or computer about on a regular basis know that cute animals are just a click away.  And they cost less to see than a psychologist or massage-therapist.

Finally, if you don't agree with this assessment of cute animal photos, and instead of making you giggle they make you want to punch something, you probably aren't reading my happy little blog anyway. 

And disapproving giraffe would disapprove of punching. 



Conversely, my doggy would not disapprove of anything, save the cat licking his toe, and instead gives pleading eyes... in almost any situation.

I believe he finds this very effective. 

Sometimes the "big eyes" trick works to get attention, provided there is sufficient cuteness involved...

 "Leaf... what are you doing here?"

 "Leaf... what are you doing here?"

And sometimes it is outright, unexpected cuteness that does the heart-capturing.

I hope you let your heart be captured, and your brain simmer down for a moment or two - you should notice your heart rate slow its frantic pulse and perhaps a faint smile on your lips at this point!

Now my advice is to grab your camera, take two , and comment me in the morning!