Port Cheesecake Recipe with Vegan Option | FitCakery.com

Port Cheesecake Recipe with Vegan Option | FitCakery.com

Until now, I never considered having a “donations box,” let alone a page for it.  It always felt like I would be asking for charity or taking money for what I intended to be a free service to help others – it felt paradoxical, to say the least.

But, over time, as I’ve gotten lots of requests on how others can help me back, I’ve realized that a donations page probably does have a place on my website. 

Of course you’re not about to find me languishing in a back alley dying of tuberculosis anytime soon, but any additional “help” I get would go right back into the site, providing more for you in return.

I would be able to afford some of the equipment that would help me accelerate my reach to people who need the free resources (webcams, microphones, software,) in addition to being able to create new books, continue to take photographs, develop programs to help people live better (in the works!), and also be able to still buy the coffee that makes this all, ultimately, possible.

These kinds of gifts just keep on giving, you know?

Thank you so much for stopping by.