12-Week Vibrant Lifestyle Challenge

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fitcakery vibrant challenge.jpg

12-Week Vibrant Lifestyle Challenge


{Offered at only $15 a week for this first kickoff program only!}

This is the 12-week program that will teach you how to take control of your health and fitness goals forever!  This unique program, in which you work one-on-one with Courtney Nielsen, a certified personal trainer with expertise in fat loss through a real and healthy eating style, will be your first big step towards living a more vibrant life!

I'm Ready!

Life Can Be A Wonderful, Awesome, Amazing Journey. 

We all have our ups and downs, of course, but we each have a choice about how things affect us.

And, one giant factor in how we see ourselves, our ability to handle situations, and even how we view the world around us, is how healthy we are.

I don’t just mean healthy as in not having a cough…  I’m talking about feeling vibrant and alive! 

Whether it means feeling the thrill of skiing down a mountain slope and competing in long distance races or having abundant energy to tackle work plus playing outdoors with your kids, you SHOULD and CAN live your life to the fullest.  

I believe wholeheartedly in the power within each one of us to take control of our lives, but I acknowledge that this is not always an intuitive or easy thing to do. 

That’s why I’m here for you.  I became a personal trainer and lifestyle coach to help people like you to realize their full potential.  So, I have to ask you...

Are You Ready To Take The First Step?

If you’re shouting, YES, I AM!  at the top of your lungs, then we’re ready to get started!

The best part of this is that right now,

Because I’m Hosting My FIRST EVER 12 – Week Online Coaching Program, And I Want To Start Spreading The Word About Living Vibrantly To As Many People As I Can,


So, when you think about it, if you currently get takeout even once or twice a week or can afford to go to a movie… but you really want to change your life… that’s pretty doable, right?

Plus, unlike your typical personal training program, you’ll have more than just access to me on a once or twice weekly basis – I’m giving you 12 weeks of:

  • One-on-one life coaching advice, to address your particular needs from the ground up
  • Nutritional guidance for eating some of the tastiest and most satisfying foods that fit your lifestyle and will make your life vibrant!
  • Exclusive recipes and meal plans/ shopping lists
  • Personalized workout plans, complete with how-to videos where needed
  • Form checks and video analysis
  • Open Q&A with your personal coach (me!)
  • Access to a private Facebook group where people just like you can have real discussions and support for one another
  • Accountability and encouragement
  • And my personal reading recommendation list for leading a better life
  • Did I mention I will also be sending you a free Omron body fat monitor and measuring tape?  You need to be able to track your progress properly, of course, so you’ll know what awesome changes your body is making!


But, because of the amount of time I’ll be spending on you as an individual, I will only have room for 20 participants at this time.  I expect this to fill up very quickly, so it’s a good idea to grab your spot as soon as possible!  Also, because I am serious about wanting to help people change their lives and feel amazing for good, I’m calling for ONLY those people who are really serious about making that change as well!

As an additional motivator and fun incentive for my awesome clients, at the end I will be offering either a Fitbit Scale or a Fitbit Charge – you choose! Up to about $140 value – for the best 12-week transformation! 

Here's What Coaching Clients Are Saying:

I would recommend Courtney as a mentor and coach because she is knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and has an energetic and friendly personality that helps keep you motivated. She has definitely helped me on my journey to fitness by always finding a way to make working out fun. She also has great advice on how to make eating healthy taste great! I’d personally recommend her to anyone and jump on the opportunity to work with her anytime!
— Simon F.
Courtney has helped me realize how important it is to challenge myself in my health and fitness goals. She helped me in the areas I needed improvement, by sharing her advise, knowledge, and encouragement. She was able to determine when I was ready for that next level and was always dedicated to present those opportunities to me!

She is reliable, someone you can count on to be there every step of the way. She held an accountability with me not only in the gym, but outside the gym as well. She went above and beyond to coach and mentor me by answering any questions I may have had and providing me ways I can contact her and fill her in on my daily diet and nutrition.
— Venessa O.
Courtney cares about your health and well being outside of training, and follows up with you often. She looks to deeper issues and researches outside of her time with you if you are hitting a road block that is hindering you from obtaining your goals! I would recommend her as a coach - she truly cares about her clients!
— Lavon F.